A Monumental Project

Anderson Partners is helping the members of the Vigo County Historical Society continue to bring history to life. As they move the historical museum, the project will also feature new technology and exciting exhibits on notable local legends, schools, and industries, all designed to keep telling the stories of Vigo County.

Historical society prepares for big move

(Posted to tribstar.com on May 20, 2018) The Vigo County Historical Society is preparing to make some history of its own. Its museum at 1411 S. Sixth St., the society’s home for 60 years, will close June 1 to prepare for a move to the new downtown history center. “This will be a monumental project,” Maria Flowers, historical society board president, said in a news release. “Organizing and packing an extensive historical collection of more than 100,000 items is quite an undertaking. There is no way we can keep the current museum open while preparing for the move.”

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